New 7" and CD by Nathan Thompson's (Sandoz Lab Technicians/Eye etc) solo electronic project Expansion Bay out now.
Other recent releases include Wellingtons electro-psychedelic warriors FANZ called 'Heruka' and an accompanying 8"
by FANZ vocalist (also ex-All Seeing Hand) Noel Meek.
In January we released the debut record from Fox Maidens, Richard Keys drone and field recording project (now Sold Out- but download still available).
Paintings of Windows have a new CD/DVD set out, films and sounds from the mythic wilds of Aotearoa, and we have a new CD of super loud
hazy pop songs from Antony Milton entitled 'Streaming Black'.
As always please email if you are after more than a single album in an order as I can quote you for combined shipping.
Other recent releases include an epic archive release from Campbell Kneale, Antony Milton and Kiyoharu Kuwayama (Lethe) (recorded in Japan in 2006) and
the debut hardcopy solo release from Korean born, NZ based artist Samin Son are available now.
We now have T-Shirts!!! See below.

Use the links below to access current releases etc.
People may also be interested to know that I have recently put together an official website for Peter King and his lathecut records, this contains a history of
Peters operations as well as some videos etc.. If you are interested in checking this out you can find that HERE.
Thanks. -Antony Milton

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