Have added quite a few titles, not strictly 'PseudoArcana' releases but certainly adjacent.
First up is the 'Another Sunday' series of CDs. Eventually there will be 11 or 12 of these but for now the first are back from the plant.
I have also added a few titles of my own that have come out and of which I have spare copies.
We are down to the very last copies of many titles but a few older things remain

As always please email if you are after more than a single album in an order as I can quote you for combined shipping.

We have largely decamped to bandcamp however with a range of pages, including 3 new 'labels'.
These are The Another Sunday series,
Lay Your Burdens Down, which is a label devoted to immersive semi-academic armchair music with a tapey noisy aesthetic,
my own personal page Antony Milton.
and of course the PseudoArcana bandcamp page.
You can also use the links below to access current releases etc.

Thanks. -Antony Milton